The Joy of Teaching

by Judy on November 15, 2012

We are all students, and learning is vital to our mental health.  I am thankful for my teachers and enjoy sharing what I’ve learned with my watercolor class.  In the past, most of my teaching was focused on children and young adults.  The art studio was a gathering place for my peers and children.  The paint always flowed and there were splatters everywhere.  I still have a “kid friendly” studio, only now my grandchildren are the new artists.

Recently I’ve had the opportunity to teach at Life Quest in Little Rock, Arkansas, geared to adults fifty and beyond.  Some are retired but far from “retiring.”

The class was given a few projects and their creativity with the themes, was truly inspiring. They were asked to paint their own personality profile, expressing how they see themselves or how they feel they are.



















The next project was to paint their favorite place, where they get away from it all, or just relax.

















Finally, they painted objects from nature and fall color was a favorite. Their subjects ranged from leaves to rocks and everything in between. By the last class, they had matted or framed their paintings and all enjoyed the exhibition.




























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